About Rhonda

About Rhonda

Spiritual Life Coach

A successful small entrepreneur in my 30’s, my life was dramatically changed as I embarked on a spiritual journey to discover the hidden truths of my spiritual tradition. It was my deepest desire to be close to God and in a place of pure consciousness. And yet, I felt disconnected from God, or Source Energy. During this time, I went through many different life changes, which ultimately manifested as extreme burnout from doing too much. I realized I needed to look at everything I had ever known with new eyes and embarked on a journey to heal my soul, my health and my life. Today I as a Spiritual Life Coach, with an emphasis on inner peace, spiritual transformation and spiritual success, I bring many different modalities into my spiritual healing work and share what I have learned with others freely through my coaching, mentoring and writing.

I am passionate about helping you heal your life so you experience more inner peace and transform your life, and experience spiritual success in every area of your life.   

As long as I can ever remember, I have always loved people and loved connecting, sharing and helping them. What better way to share that passion than to incorporate what what I love doing and share my own personal knowledge to help you experience inner peace, joy, happiness, better health, better relationships…more goodness and success in your life.  

I will meet YOU right where you are and guide you on your life journey. I truly care about you and personalize each session and program specifically for you. I really want to help you experience inner peace, happiness and a more  successful life. I want to see you be happy, and be your best you. By utilizing my gifts as a spiritual life guide, mentor and coach, I will help you, support you and inspire you as you heal and make transitions in your life.  

As a Spiritual Life Coach with a Master’s Degree in Metaphysical Sciences, I bring thousands of hours of knowledge and training to help you experience inner peace, spiritual transformation and spiritual success. You deserve to experience happiness and joy in your life. I have studied extensively on my own as well as I love learning and love sharing what I have learned with you. This knowledge offers me a unique awareness of the intricacies of life and how to help you overcome life obstacles and create harmony and balance in your life, overcoming depression, fear and anxiety and to heal and transform your life so you experience the inner peace, joy and happiness you desire and deserve. I am uniquely qualified to help you to discover your goals and help you achieve the results you desire in your life.  Drawing on my years of personal experience and knowledge, together we will create a road map, if you will, and I will help you and guide you so you experience inner peace, joy, happiness, success as you heal and transform your life. 

It is my desire and passion to help you heal yourself, your life and the world. Wherever you are in your life, I know you can overcome your life obstacles and heal your spirit and your life, and experience more inner peace, happiness, joy, and success in your life.

Are you excited?  Schedule an initial consultation by filling in the information below. I would love to have a chance to meet and help you on your life journey.