Prayer for Healing: A Simple Prayer

Wherever we are in our lives, whatever has happened, we can heal it. Prayer is a powerful force to help us heal our spirit, our health, our finances, and our life. God wants us to heal our life. It is not his desire that we suffer or feel guilt or […]

World Peace: Prayer for World Peace

Somehow we have moved away from our spiritual traditions, away from the prayer that we have been taught is so powerful. As we have moved away from prayer, our inner peace and our world peace has suffered, as our world peace is directly related to our prayer for peace. It […]

Prayer for Peace: Inner Peace Prayer

We live in a time where there is so much going on that affects our inner peace, and the peace of those around us and our world. Unfortunately there is much chaos in our lives and it is difficult not to pick up negative energies that are around us. A […]

Prayer for Peace

Spiritual Healing:Spiritual Healing Prayer

We all experience times in our life of the death of loved ones or other life challenges that deplete our spirit. Sometimes it is something that we have done that has depleted our spirit. Sometimes it is pure exhaustion. A spiritual healing prayer is beneficial and a wonderful way for […]

Daily Prayers: Miracles in Our Life

One of the ways we can experience miracles in our lives is through daily prayer. We have forgotten the power of prayer, which has been taught through all spiritual traditions.  There is magic in prayer; we truly can experience miracles in our lives through daily prayer. When we reach out […]

The Power in Prayer: God and Prayer

God and Prayer God loves us and it is his desire that we be happy, healthy and experience abundance in every area of our lives. It is not his desire for us to be in a state of lack in any area of our lives. We have learned about lack […]

Drumming as Prayerful Intent

Drumming is an ancient form of prayer. When one drums, they feel in tune, connected with others and the earth. Many cultures through the ages have used drumming as a form of prayer. Most drumming circles encompass a gathering of people who are drumming together for a common cause, such […]

Daily Prayer and Meditation

Taking time for daily prayer and meditation helps us to stay in our spirit and heart, to be heart centered in everything we do in our lives. Daily prayer and meditation helps us stay connected with God on a deeper level, regardless of what our concept of God is. A […]

A Time of Prayer

We are living in a time where many of us have forgotten our humble beginnings and how to pray for goodness in our lives. We have been absorbed by our lives and have moved away from prayer. Sometimes we wonder why so many things are happening in our world that […]

World Peace

Prayer for Protection

We have been living in a time where we have been collectively in darkness rather than light. One might wonder how this could happen as all spiritual traditions have taught us to elevate our vibration through prayer and to use prayer for protection.  Prayer affects us personally and collectively and […]