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Throughout the centuries, we have learned through spiritual traditions about the power of love, blessings and gratitude.  In different teachings, there has been an understanding about our personal vibration and energy field. The idea that energy or vibrations are able to affect a person’s ability to have a happier and more successful life is nothing new. It has been taught through spiritual traditions and by motivational gurus.

In the past few years, there have been scientific studies that have taken these beliefs and understandings to a new level. Science and the teachings of spiritual traditions are coming together in their understanding that each of us actually emits a personal energetic frequency or vibration into the Universe, and that we attract back into our lives, people, circumstances, and events of a similar vibration.

Spiritual Life Coaching helps you to have a better understanding of the spiritual laws of the Universe so you can harness them in your everyday life and experience spiritual living, a life of peace, joy, love, happiness, vibrant health and abundance in every area of your life. 

Rhonda Marie Brackett teaches others how to harness the positive energy and release the negative energy so they can experience spiritual living and have more harmony and personal well-beingness in their life. Rhonda does this by sharing powerful spiritual and healing techniques through her Spiritual Life Coaching sessions.

You are a divine energetic being and when you live harmoniously and as a high vibrational being, your life will truly change. You will experience miracles in your life on a daily basis. If you would like to experience true spiritual living and feel peaceful and passionate, experiencing happiness and success every single day in your life, then Spiritual Life Coaching is for you. 

Her spiritual coaching is designed to help you transform your life, helping you transition from “The Dark Night of Your Soul” to peacefulness and spiritual rejuvenation, then from compromised health to a path of self-healing and healthy and vibrant living, then on to create a life you truly desire and that honors you, to Spiritual Life Success™.

We are truly living in an Era of Spiritual Living, where we understand and harness our spiritual vibration, and live in spiritual harmony and spiritual  empowerment, creating a life we love and desire that honors ourselves, others and our planet. 


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